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Improve how it works.

Enter plugins. Here, the focus is on how it functions. So developers don't have to worry so much about HTML and presentation (that's reserved for themes), and can focus on the PHP code necessary to get the plugin stable and functional.

Of course, plugins can be developed in any number of ways. The quickest and easiest way is to build on top of the API of the system that's already in place. Or, if you're comfort level is with another method of developing code, then you can go down that path as well.

Obviously, since Phire was just launched, there are but only a few plugins available, but, hopefully this will change once the Phire Developer Center launches.

Plugin (Click to Download)VersionAuthorDescriptionRatingDownloads
MailMan1.0Nick Sagona, IIIMailMan allows you to send HTML and text-based emails to your members, filter members and track basic open-rates and click-throughs.
5 out of 5
PageStats1.0Nick Sagona, IIIPageStats tracks and displays basic page access statistics.
3 out of 5
PollIt1.0Nick Sagona, IIIPollIt allows you to set up online polls and integrate them into the site.
4 out of 5
TreeView1.0Nick Sagona, IIITreeView allows you to view your sites' page structures in a "tree" format for easy browsing.
4 out of 5
SimpleForm1.0Nick Sagona, IIISimpleForm allows you to create and validate HTML forms, while storing the form data in the database with the ability to pass it along to a process script.
4 out of 5
EventCal1.0Nick Sagona, IIIEventCal allows you to set up calendars based on the events in the system.
4 out of 5
DownloadTrack1.0Nick Sagona, IIIDownloadTrack tracks the download of files within the system.
4 out of 5
Migrator1.0Nick Sagona, IIIMigrator allows you to export and import system content and assets to and from other Phire installations. Full Admin access is required as well as the Zip extension.
4 out of 5
EventReg1.0Nick Sagona, IIIEventReg allows you to manage member registration for events in the system.
5 out of 5
Directory1.0Nick Sagona, IIIDirectory allows you to manage directories of the members within the system.
4 out of 5